Jan. 30th, 2011

thepretender501: (Stock: Amazed)

 I think I've just completed all the edits on my kinkfest fic! *phew*

OKAY, YOU PEOPLE AMAZE ME!!! BTW...THIS IS A THANK YOU POST!! For fic help and in genral. (Because yeah, the fic's only 3000 words but this is a miraculous achievement for me, okay? :D :D  And also the beta line is not long enough for me to blather on about how much I <3 and appreciate you all.)  So when I said I'd take all the help I could get I did NOT expect this much!! *beams*

A list, yeah?

It's like an Oscar speech... but longer...*flails* )

So in conclusion. That kinky thing is finished. That emo thing shall not be mentioned. And yeah, for the filthy filth I've written I'm pretty much going to hell BUT I've come to terms with that. Oh and also I basically wrote incest (Harry/Teddy) at [livejournal.com profile] okydoky 's Everything but... comment fest.  What? I drank lots of wine last night and got bold... then sleepy.   Anyways the drab is pretty terribly written but hey, at least it's not 3000 words. Heh! It's too late now new friends! *cackles*

Seriously, thank you all for your help and thank you in general. I won't forget it! So much <3 <3 for you guys!!

*wanders outside to forage for food*

ETA: OMG Pina Coladas in my fridge. I KNOW IT'S SUNDAY NIGHT. DO NOT JUDGE ME! :p



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