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*pokes flist* If you've ever read Ron/Draco and liked it you should read this:

Title: Cognitive Dissonance
Author: [ profile] elainemalfoy 
Prompt: share
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Draco/Ron, background Ron/Hermione
Summary: Ron and Hermione have an open relationship. Draco doesn’t like to share.
Warnings: infidelity...
Word Count: 900

Also [ profile] forsanethaec  recc'd me insanely hot Social Network kink!fic the other night that I ended up having a dream about. <_< 
Yes, I said Social Network fic... >_>
Warnings: dirty talk in every way imaginable and you may need to pause for a glass of water ^^
And also this...

Originally posted by [ profile] hdcockbookmods at The Cock Book Project Goes Live!

[ profile] hd_cockbook's goal is to create an annotated, illustrated guide to gay sex, Harry/Draco-style. It will be called Safe Sex Standards: A Syllabus for Sorcerers by Seymour Satisphaxon and we’re looking for art and fics to expand on Seymour’s advice. For more details, please check out the project overview.


Banner by [ profile] kayoko

zzzzz... it's 7 am... I'm sleeping. More tomorrow maybe... y/y?
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