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CAN I JUST SAY I AM THE LUCKIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD?? I HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS EVER; IN REAL LIFE AND ONLINE, I'M ALWAYS LUCKY ENOUGH TO KNOW THE MOST AMAZING PEOPLE. And they always seem to put up with me, despite the weird and the stupid and the silly and the horrible and OMG!!! I'M IN TEARS. I appreciate every word (and picture OMFG). I WANT TO HUG EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! NEVER CHANGE!! NEVER EVER!! You'll never have any idea just how much your friendship means to me.  *SO MUCH LOVE, ALWAYS; FOREVER*
  Please everyone post a thread so that I can attempt to make you as happy as you've made me. I'm extremely shy and even I posted (it was so worth it XD), plus I believe it's a multi fandom, LJ-wide thread so please!! *begs*  

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*it's past midnight here :p*'


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[info]talekayler Have I mentioned how much I LOVE  and ADORE you lately??!!
You're the reason I'm eating CHOCOLATE for breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!
well, today at least! 
AMAZE SO AMAZE <33333 forever and ever!!!!

eta: its totally morning despite the time stamp on this post... nods....
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[ profile] skriftlig  you're AMAZE!! Thank you soo much for the torte!! Noms. :D :D 
You're the gorgeous one bb! Thanks for everything <3333

More thank you stuffs to come. I swear everyday I get on here you people amaze me in some way or another. 


Now I have to focus. Fic is due at midnight and I am so tired. *cries*
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 I think I've just completed all the edits on my kinkfest fic! *phew*

OKAY, YOU PEOPLE AMAZE ME!!! BTW...THIS IS A THANK YOU POST!! For fic help and in genral. (Because yeah, the fic's only 3000 words but this is a miraculous achievement for me, okay? :D :D  And also the beta line is not long enough for me to blather on about how much I <3 and appreciate you all.)  So when I said I'd take all the help I could get I did NOT expect this much!! *beams*

A list, yeah?

It's like an Oscar speech... but longer...*flails* )

So in conclusion. That kinky thing is finished. That emo thing shall not be mentioned. And yeah, for the filthy filth I've written I'm pretty much going to hell BUT I've come to terms with that. Oh and also I basically wrote incest (Harry/Teddy) at [ profile] okydoky 's Everything but... comment fest.  What? I drank lots of wine last night and got bold... then sleepy.   Anyways the drab is pretty terribly written but hey, at least it's not 3000 words. Heh! It's too late now new friends! *cackles*

Seriously, thank you all for your help and thank you in general. I won't forget it! So much <3 <3 for you guys!!

*wanders outside to forage for food*

ETA: OMG Pina Coladas in my fridge. I KNOW IT'S SUNDAY NIGHT. DO NOT JUDGE ME! :p

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Shh... this was posted on the 23rd.

~ILU So Much!! Have a Cake! Have a Party!

Nothing compares to your awesomeness.
Thanks for being... <3 <3 <3

I give you vgifts, the doctor, and drabbles that turn into 2000 word fics :D :D.  I will even read a Ron/Draco oneshot (4000 words or less) just for you. Go ahead. Send it and Ginny better be alive ;).

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I woke up this morning craving het!fic. There must have been a cosmic shift in the universe because I haven't felt that way since I was fifteen sneaking onto fictionalley to read me some naughty!Dramione. I blame the weather. It's uncharacteristically warm today, for November anyway. Luckily,  [ profile] leigh_adams  provided some excellent Blackcest recs and [ profile] elainemalfoy  left me a Dramione. Thanks guys! Now, the only problem is once you start you can't stop. *shrug* I suppose I could just work on my [ profile] hp_emofest  fic which may or may not be het.

La dee da!


Sep. 5th, 2010 11:43 pm
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I'm back yay!!

I was trying to send gifts to everyone on my flist for no reason other than they're free and they've never been free for me before. I was super excited (lame, I know) but then I only got to send three :(. Is there a limit or something?


I'll try it again tommorow.

Anywho, I'm doing good!   

I'm in a reading mood. Fic recs would be great if you got 'em! I'm not picky on the pairing though I do prefer slash.  So what's new with you guys?



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