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Okay so I still like the original song better *is a popaholic* But JFC this is happening!!


This is the world I live in!! )
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Come and join [ profile] hp_sexstars

Banner by brinimc

[ profile] brinimc  wrote this awesome post about fandom and linked this awesome one too. [ profile] brinimc  is AMAZE and sent me a vgift even though I narrowed down her list of dudes by cheating. She also emailed me every song by The Warblers because she's just the BESTEST.  THANK YOU LOVE <333 And [ profile] kayoko  is FANTASTIC and linked me to this comm where we found Darren singing Misery by Maroon 5. JFC!! \o/ And other brilliant things! THANK YOU BB!!!!

And this...LOL )
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[ profile] elainemalfoy  and I together= duh! winning (to quote the immortal words of Charlie Sheen lol). We share the same brain. For serious... nnngh. *watches this forever* DON'T JUDGE ME :p


OMG *dies* )
So fill me in? Why must I always be working when this show comes on? *cries*



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