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Eep! Every character can't be included so if I'm missing your fave please to be letting me know. This is absolutely imperative :D And if you'd like to regress with me (if only momentarily) tell me a few of the pop culture things or just general things you loved growing up. I'll take a wild guess... Harry Potter's on that list... amirite?  *ponders making a Scooby Doo and Sesame Street poll*
Lala. If this poll don't work let me know and I'll beat it into submission. <_< 

Goodnite <33
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Stole this from [ profile] leigh_adams  journal because it was just too hilarious *g*
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I woke up this morning craving het!fic. There must have been a cosmic shift in the universe because I haven't felt that way since I was fifteen sneaking onto fictionalley to read me some naughty!Dramione. I blame the weather. It's uncharacteristically warm today, for November anyway. Luckily,  [ profile] leigh_adams  provided some excellent Blackcest recs and [ profile] elainemalfoy  left me a Dramione. Thanks guys! Now, the only problem is once you start you can't stop. *shrug* I suppose I could just work on my [ profile] hp_emofest  fic which may or may not be het.

La dee da!


Nov. 17th, 2010 07:25 pm
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Stolen from :)

Tom Felton is hilari ♥
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Hi guys!!

Guess what? I just turned 24...*is old* and I wanted to write myself a bday fic but I had to go to work today :(. But that's okay because it was a good day :D.  

Anyway, if you read this, rec me your favorite HP fic of all time (or just one you really love). Het, slash, femmeslash, old, new, long, short, gen, next gen, etc. Idc. As long as it's awesome and you can tell me why :D :D.
Bonus points if its Malfoycest... jk jk. But Siriusly.  
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Alright, I talked myself out of doing [ profile] deatheaterfest , I think. *hides from temptation*

I signed up for [ profile] hp_emofest  instead. I'm nervous and kind of excited. Well, silly me. In my excitement I ran and did this.

Art by [ profile] naadi

I don't know why but I've been in an H/D mood lately... therefore, of course I'll be signing up for the [info]dracotops_harry  fest because--what choice do I have?! Top!Draco and bottom!Harry= my weakness... or so I thought.

Today, when I got home from work guess what I found!! A second weakness.

[ profile] hp_kinkfest
Prompt Submission: December 9-13
Prompt Claiming/Sign-ups: December 14-20
Posting: Begins January 25


Can I possibly resist?? Can you?!  *I'm totally pimping these, btw.*

Wish me luck...ha! I almost wrote lick *distracting banner is distracting*

I've never done this fest thing before but I can't wait to try! I'm gonna need sooo many betas and
like-- a plot

 ETA: I got my movie tickets!!!
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OMG! Is this even happening right now!! I so can't even...guh!

Art and banner by [ profile] veridari.

Prompting starts December 3 | Fest Schedule and Fest Rules | Promotion Banners

I've only participated in one fest and it wasn't annonymous and there weren't time constraints. I is scared. Fests are rumored to be addictive and I'm sitting here pondering signing up for three of them. The first *ahem draco tops* is obvious and I'm also searching through prompts at [ profile] hp_emofest  and [ profile] deatheaterfest . The due dates are all in February and March. Will I be smart and sit back to read the amazing fics other people come up with or--Am I crazy? 

Stay tuned.



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