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Birthdate:Nov 17
Location:United States of America
First of all...

Age Statement: I am over 18.

Disclaimer: I own nothing and make no money.

Hi! *waves* I'm Nichole. Welcome to my fanfiction journal :D

About me...
Will try anything once. Twice if I like it ♥
Favorite HP book: GOF
Would totally do Severus Snape(canon or fanon/book or movie...whatever/whenever/wherever *g*)
Writer late at night
Awkward: see painfully awkward attempts at humor

What you'll find here...
I write slash in the Harry Potter fandom only. Mainly Harry/Draco pwp. Other pairings include but not limited to: Harry/Ron, Harry/Charlie, Lucius/Severus, Severus/Draco
And Cest: Draco/Lucius ♥, Sirius/Regulus, Rabastan/Rodolphus

Also included in this journal...
Whining and griping
Doctor Who ♥
Occasional meme
Some Pron
Also Glee AND tsn ♥

What you won't find...
Warning: I have NO patience for homophobic, racist, sexist, elitist, ageist, classist, abelist, or any other 'ist' statements on my page. If you harbor these feelings and can't keep them to yourself then we shouldn't be friends. Period.

I like slash, cest, angst(sometimes) and sex(all the time) if that's not your cup of tea it's perfectly fine. We can still be friends :) But please don't attack me because of what I like. I promise never to do that to you.

I love new friends. If I friend you it's because I'm a huge fangirl and there's something about you that I adore :D

You can friend me too, if you'd like. Please leave a comment HERE and I'll friend you right back. Unless you're under 18 because this is no place for children *is stern*

Psst... all of my fic is unlocked, though. So you really don't have to add me naughty young readers ;)

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