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Hi guys! If you're just here reading my fic no worries! Nothing is locked on this journal except the really, really boring stuff you don't want to read anyway. All of my tags should be up to date so you can find my fics and drabs easily. If you're intrested in friending (I love friends!) I have an open friending policy. Just add me and I'll add you back (as long as you're over 18). 

I'd love it if you left me a comment on this post, though. Just to say who you are and how you found me or why you're friending me or whatever (if we've never interacted that is)... I'm just curious is all :D. Thanks ♥!

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**Snagged from everyone XD**

Kinks and Squicks meme

Fyi: I will read nearly anything if it is written well. However, I do have my preferences. 

All of teh things )

In summary my kinks are always growing and my squicks shrinking. I'm open to anything new recc'd by the people who share similar tastes and even people who are brilliant writers with vastly different tastes so there's that. 
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 Blah blah emo... )
CAN I JUST SAY I AM THE LUCKIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD?? I HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS EVER; IN REAL LIFE AND ONLINE, I'M ALWAYS LUCKY ENOUGH TO KNOW THE MOST AMAZING PEOPLE. And they always seem to put up with me, despite the weird and the stupid and the silly and the horrible and OMG!!! I'M IN TEARS. I appreciate every word (and picture OMFG). I WANT TO HUG EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! NEVER CHANGE!! NEVER EVER!! You'll never have any idea just how much your friendship means to me.  *SO MUCH LOVE, ALWAYS; FOREVER*
  Please everyone post a thread so that I can attempt to make you as happy as you've made me. I'm extremely shy and even I posted (it was so worth it XD), plus I believe it's a multi fandom, LJ-wide thread so please!! *begs*  


Spoilers XD

Apr. 2nd, 2011 10:34 pm
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Snagged from my dearest [ profile] elainemalfoy . Its the stuff they should've kept!!


Also, [ profile] forsanethaec  if you read this I hope that you take note of my icon. And now I feel like such a dirty fandom whore XD
<333 you guys bestest even though I'm all over the place :p
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*pokes flist* If you've ever read Ron/Draco and liked it you should read this:

Title: Cognitive Dissonance
Author: [ profile] elainemalfoy 
Prompt: share
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Draco/Ron, background Ron/Hermione
Summary: Ron and Hermione have an open relationship. Draco doesn’t like to share.
Warnings: infidelity...
Word Count: 900

Also [ profile] forsanethaec  recc'd me insanely hot Social Network kink!fic the other night that I ended up having a dream about. <_< 
Yes, I said Social Network fic... >_>
Warnings: dirty talk in every way imaginable and you may need to pause for a glass of water ^^
And also this...

Originally posted by [ profile] hdcockbookmods at The Cock Book Project Goes Live!

[ profile] hd_cockbook's goal is to create an annotated, illustrated guide to gay sex, Harry/Draco-style. It will be called Safe Sex Standards: A Syllabus for Sorcerers by Seymour Satisphaxon and we’re looking for art and fics to expand on Seymour’s advice. For more details, please check out the project overview.


Banner by [ profile] kayoko

zzzzz... it's 7 am... I'm sleeping. More tomorrow maybe... y/y?
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*it's past midnight here :p*'


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Banner by [ profile] kayoko.

Also GLEE!!!

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Okay so I still like the original song better *is a popaholic* But JFC this is happening!!


This is the world I live in!! )
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Originally posted by [ profile] phoenixacid at For a worthy cause: H/D Relief

Due to all the recent Global Disasters, and Harry and Draco's insistence that they are the best men to help, [ profile] hd_relief was created. [ profile] hd_relief will endeavor to raise funds for worthy causes through fests, the auction of fanfiction, graphics, art and any other fan based offers. Let H/D love motivate you to help those who have been struck by disaster.

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Title: Be My Baby
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Charlie/Draco
Summary: You know how to tame dragons don’t you, daddy?
Warnings: Chan play, drunk!sex with the associated consent issues, daddy!kink 
Word Count: ~3069
Author's Notes: Endless thanks to
[info]treacle_tartlet for basically holding my hand on this from start to finish and to [info]forsanethaec for pointing out the not so obvious and the obvious. Thanks [info]skriftlig for helping me iron out the kinks near the end. Special thanks to [info]hd2o  group, especially [info]talekayler , [info]kitty_fic , and [info]curiouslyfic for their support. [info]deathjunke thanks for the prompt! Um, this is dirty and wrong and I’m going to hell for writing it but it was loads of fun. Hope you enjoy!

Originally posted here for [ profile] hp_kinkfest . *is proud*



Be My Baby )
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Come and join [ profile] hp_sexstars

Banner by brinimc

[ profile] brinimc  wrote this awesome post about fandom and linked this awesome one too. [ profile] brinimc  is AMAZE and sent me a vgift even though I narrowed down her list of dudes by cheating. She also emailed me every song by The Warblers because she's just the BESTEST.  THANK YOU LOVE <333 And [ profile] kayoko  is FANTASTIC and linked me to this comm where we found Darren singing Misery by Maroon 5. JFC!! \o/ And other brilliant things! THANK YOU BB!!!!

And this...LOL )


Mar. 14th, 2011 05:04 pm
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Because I don't have the funds to bid or buy vgifts at the moment I put an offer on [ profile] help_japan. It was apart of my New Years Resolution to do something for Haiti and/or other charity fandom functions. Unfortunately, my muse hates me right now :/ But... I figure after everything that's happened in Japan I can spend some time agonizing my way through a few gift fics :D If no one bids no worries, I'll contribute either way :D

Offer is here once I figure out how to link a thread. Er.. it's on the last page :) 



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[ profile] elainemalfoy  and I together= duh! winning (to quote the immortal words of Charlie Sheen lol). We share the same brain. For serious... nnngh. *watches this forever* DON'T JUDGE ME :p


OMG *dies* )
So fill me in? Why must I always be working when this show comes on? *cries*

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[Poll #1715141]

Eep! Every character can't be included so if I'm missing your fave please to be letting me know. This is absolutely imperative :D And if you'd like to regress with me (if only momentarily) tell me a few of the pop culture things or just general things you loved growing up. I'll take a wild guess... Harry Potter's on that list... amirite?  *ponders making a Scooby Doo and Sesame Street poll*
Lala. If this poll don't work let me know and I'll beat it into submission. <_< 

Goodnite <33
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Happy Birthday [info]treacle_tartlet !!!

You are a gorgeous person and um... ILUSM! I thought you might appreciate teh awesome that is this birthday cake. *also, shush it's still the 28th in my timezone ;)*


 And, AND I heard you like this so... have some pics you've already seen before :D  

Photos you might enjoy :D Sort of NSFW but only one... and its not really... )

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Title: Peach
Characters/Pairings: Jacob/Edward *gasp*
Rating: R for a bit of a sexy time!
Words: ~700 of pure porn.
Warnings: rimming, slash, language 
Beta: [ profile] elainemalfoy , [ profile] curiouslyfic , [ profile] bleedforyou1  <33
Summary:'s gratuitous porn so... I'll come back to this later.  
This might be that Top!Jacob/pillow biting!Edward I may have mentioned before...


Peach )

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[info]talekayler Have I mentioned how much I LOVE  and ADORE you lately??!!
You're the reason I'm eating CHOCOLATE for breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!
well, today at least! 
AMAZE SO AMAZE <33333 forever and ever!!!!

eta: its totally morning despite the time stamp on this post... nods....
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There are multiple brush fires here(skies all smoky, highways empty), my date ended abruptly, my mother was randomly sick, like run to the doctor sick  and it scared the crap out of me(she's fine now...I hope). Didn't get to go to the play tonight but that's okay because Titanic is on.

Anyway, none of this is the point.
I just made love to about twenty people on my flist anonymously and I'm about to do the rest of you. ;) This is the most FANTASTIC thing ever because you all know how much I love to go on and on about how happy you make me. Now I get to go crazy <333

The only thing that could make me happier is if it were an anon love meme for all of HP fandom. Om nom. I LOVE YOU GUYS!! 

ETA: *snogs*

ETA 2: *sniffles* You guys make me so HAPPY! Thank you for the love anons <333 I'm so happy to be included, this honestly made my day. Thank you :D

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Why am I sitting here thinking about signing up for smoochfest? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Christ, someone please talk me out of it D:
*shoots self*





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